Expertise and Leadership

Our Expertise Differentiates Us.

Javelin analysts provide in-depth coverage of multi-channel financial services, dynamic payments, security, risk and fraud, and the mobile channel. They deliver unprecedented insight through extensive quantitative research and independent expertise.  With data that includes over 265,000 survey respondents and seven years of market research, and an analyst team with over 100 years collective experience in the financial industry, it’s no surprise that the leading banks, credit unions and card issuers rely on Javelin to guide their business initiatives through actionable research.

Our Insight reports and custom projects, strategic consulting, and on-site presentations represent all-inclusive data and educated insight into bank and vendor analysis, consumer behavior, and strategic business decisions for companies to gain a competitive advantage.  Javelin findings are backed by extensive data collection and research, a rigorous analysis process, and an expert analyst team.  Javelin offers independent, unbiased recommendations as we are not affiliated with a third party, nor does our team own equity or have an interest in any of the companies we research.

Expertise of Javelin analysts:

  • Market Assessment and Market Sizing
  • New Market Opportunities and Marketing Initiatives
  • Independent Data Survey Findings and Data Analysis
  • Vendor Analysis and Selection
  • Payments Services and Networks
  • Enterprise Payments Services and Strategies
  • Alternative and Emerging Payments Analysis and Opportunity
  • Payments Services Regulation
  • Consumer Banking Insight and Profitability Opportunities
  • Forecasting and Business Counsel to be Successful
  • Data Breach and Identity Fraud Mitigation
  • Security Protocols and Best Practices Development
  • Design, Implementation, and Analysis of Strategic Quantitative and Qualitative Research Protocols
  • Survey Design and Methodology