Javelin Leads the Market


Mobile Banking Adoption Framework

Javelin identifies immediacy and simplicity as key drivers of eventual mainstream mobile banking adoption.


Consolidated Online Bill Payment

Javelin discovers consumers’ growing and predominant preference for bill payment at consolidated banking and credit union sites over individual biller sites.

Green Banking Report

Published and pioneered first green banking reports – Why Electronic Billing and Banking is Good for the Nation’s Environmental Health, September 2003, sponsored by Wells Fargo.


Deputize the Customer™

Javelin trademarked the concept of financial providers enabling their willing customers to detect fraudulent activity on their accounts, thereby increasing loyalty and fraud reduction benefits.

Prevention, Detection & Resolution™

Javelin trademarked the term and analysis model to categorize the myriad of dynamic methods to combat identity fraud.

Expedited Payments

Javelin created the consumer-friendly term, which was quickly adopted by the industry and is now a standardized nomenclature.


UDLAPS™ – User Defined Limits & Prohibitions

Javelin created and trademarked the term that encourages greater customer loyalty to financial institutions and reduced losses through improved customer control over account settings, alerts, and notifications.


Mobile Banking Security

Javelin was likely the first to go on-record stating that the potential security advantages of mobile banking outweigh the security disadvantages.

Interactive Financial Messaging™

Javelin trademarked the term after foreseeing that the expected evolution of mobile SMS alerts into two-way alerts over the next few years will distinguish mobile from the online channel.


Person-To-Person Lending Forecast Report

After recognizing the significance of an emerging trend, Javelin was the first to produce a forecast report for P2P lending.


Critical Role of the iPhone

Javelin identifies the iPhone as the key to mobile banking success.

Mobile Phone Authentication

Javelin identifies using the mobile phone to authenticate all other channels as a best security practice.

Social Security Truncation

Since 2005, Javelin strongly recommended prohibiting the full nine-digit Social Security number (SSN) as an authentication method over the phone, online and by mail. Now almost all of the top 25 banks truncate the SSN.

MFA - Multi-Factor Authentication

Before top financial institutions revamped their banking platforms, Javelin declared that the solution to increasing bank security was in continuing to strengthen methods including KBA (knowledge-based authentication) and KYC (Know Your Customer).


CDA - Customer-Driven Architecture

Javelin develops a seven step, action-ready, innovative model that will revolutionize traditional banking delivery. This methodology is built upon the idea that individuals prefer systems and controls that put them most squarely in control of their money.

Personal Finance Management Tools - 2009

“PFM” will become the primary interface for online banking, rather than a secondary feature.