Methodology, Process & Metrics

Thanks to the loyalty of our clients, we’ve now collected data from over 275,000 consumers, businesses, banks, and technology executives, with annual trending studies spanning up to eight years and 5,000+ respondents per survey. That’s a lot of data. We employ rigorous methodology tools to extract extensive data, which uncovers the raw facts about market and consumer trends and behaviors. The expertise of our analysts transforms those facts into the kind of useful information our clients need to make critical business decisions. It’s why clients come to us and why they keep coming back. We offer:


  • Audience-representative surveys of customer attitudes and behaviors on financial services, payments, security, risk and fraud, and mobile topics
  • Factual analysis and specific insights into emerging trends and results in improved adoption, cross‐sell, retention and loyalty, and risk management
  • Findings backed by rigorous methodologies and compiled by our internal research team

The Javelin Difference

At Javelin, we utilize a wide variety of research instruments and methodologies to gather the exact data needed to answer your research questions.

Javelin quantitative research instruments include:

  • Robust sample sizes for survey studies, which include:
    • Interviews of 3,000 to 5,000 people for each of our annual surveys
    • A margin of error between 1.79 and 2.2% at 95% confidence interval
  • Longitudinal surveys, which capture attitudinal and behavioral preferences and track changes over time. Our extensive data  from 275,000 respondents has been culled from these types of surveys:
    • Seven years of online consumer surveys and market trends
    • Seven years of phone-based (CATI) identity fraud surveys
    • Six years of mystery-shopper research of the top U.S. banks and credit card issuers
  • Surveys designed to capture hard-to-reach customers in the places they most frequent, such as:
    • Online
    • Phone (CATI)
    • Email
    • Intercept
  • Surveys of consumer and business audiences:
    • Merchants, small businesses, and vendors
    • Consumers’ attitudes and behaviors including fraud victims, unbanked consumers, and other specialty audiences
  • Selective statistical analysis tools, which include:
    • Conjoint analysis
    • Pair wise
    • Choice models
    • Regression and segmentation

Javelin qualitative research includes:

  • One-on-one executive interviews to probe industry trends and issues
  • One-on-one merchant and vendor interviews to explore product offerings, market trends, and competitive intelligence
  • Mystery shopper research on competitive offerings of:
    • Banks
    • Card issuers
    • Identity protection service providers