Amazon Apple Facebook Google-Which is Most Innovative?

Apple is ranked the most innovative company, placing it ahead of Google, Facebook and Amazon, and many other brands in Javelin’s latest survey of over 5800 consumers. As laid out in our new report The Gang of Four (and Possibly Five) Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon – and PayPal: Positioning for Payments in the New Mobile-Social Technology Era, Apple iOS is engaged a fierce battle for dominance in the smartphone market with Google Android – as platforms which gain the greatest numbers of consumers tend to be the big winners in each new tech cycle. Ground-breaking products are one of the ways that Apple determines its edge, and the release of the new iPad tablet continues in that tradition.  Tim Cook laid out Apple’s Post-PC numbers: the firm sold 172 million iPod, iPhone and iPad devices last year. These devices accounted for 76% of Apple’s revenues in the fourth quarter of 2011. Apple’s ecosystem has iCloud, iTunes, App Store and iBookstore directly connected to its multiple devices, linking over 225 million iTunes account holders matched with credit cards into a content-buying machine. In 2011, Apple realized $5.4 billion in combined net sales for iTunes, App Store, and iBookstore, representing an increase of 70% over 2009 levels. And according to Patently Apple, the new patents filed by Apple give us a glimpse of how the iWallet will work-with credit card statements going right to its customers’ iTunes accounts.

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