While there were 72 different companies presenting at this year’s event, the 1500+ executives who attended felt there were some who stood head-and-shoulders above the crowd.  The following six companies were named as “Best of Show Winners” for their revolutionary new ideas, unique approaches and clear value propositions (shown in random order):

  1. PayActiv – a fantastic new look at providing short-term cash flow solutions to consumers and a great alternative to predatory payday loans.  It allows consumers to access their earned, but not yet paid employer wages, directly from their employer.
  2. Lending Robot – a very timely launched robo-advisor serving the peer lending industry.  Its new Dashboard product provides investors with real time insight and analytics, helping them to better manage their Peer Lending assets.
  3. BanQu – an amazing new block chain-based venture aimed at helping solve the global refugee and poverty crises.  It creates an “Economic Identity” for people who have been living outside of financial services or who are emerging from war-torn countries having lost everything, including the ability to prove their identity, all leveraging a block chain solution.
  4. Quid – A hyper-visual big data solution to comprehending massive amounts of unstructured text on any given topic.  Using interactive visual maps (almost mind-blowing) it allows users to circumnavigate the globe’s written word on a variety of topics and uncover new linkages, coupled with the ability to upload custom data to create impactful insights.
  5. SaleMove – a new platform aimed at improving the process of online personal sales.  Its mission is to help clients create a delightful “in-person” customer experience for the online environment using UX features such as joint browser control of a website, all in an effort to give a more personal touch to online sales.
  6. Silver6 – a revolutionary new way to create personalized marketing videos for a company’s client or prospects, allowing them to more effectively market complex financial products such as 401ks.

While these six companies represent the cream of the crop, I think that there were three other companies that should have been listed as honorable mentions because of their amazing ideas and demonstrations:

  • Malauzai Software – Unveiled its MOX Pay solution that allows community banks and credit unions to get into the mobile app publishing arena.  MOX Pay (stands for Mobile Only eXperience) really levels the playing for small financial institutions to compete with the massive IT budgets of big banks when it comes to publishing a mobile app for their business and customers.
  • Flybits – Demonstrated its cloud-based app personalization and experience management solution call the “Experience Studio” currently deployed at a major Financial Institution.  Flybits slashes the amount coding required to integrate a variety of sources of contextual information such as location, weather, user behavior, product ownership, renewal dates, etc., while allowing a marketing manager to refine their mobile marketing strategies, and to change them at a moment’s notice, all in real time.
  • TransCard – Presented their Paynuver platform that simplifies and improves B2B and B2C payment disbursements.  It inserts an account between payor and payee to enrich the entire payment experience by allowing the addition of supporting attachment, remittance information, smart digital signatures and more.  Its multi-payment platform allows it to issue payments in a variety of forms and in timeframes that can include real time.

Overall the show was amazing with the variety of entrepreneur, venture funds, financial institutions and media all engaging in powerful dialogue about the future of the FinTech industry and what that means to consumers globally.  I will be expecting great things to be delivered in the next 12 months to the financial services industry based on this conference – and not just from the winners and honorable mentions, but all the other companies who presented as well.  We can thank Finovate for selecting the best 72 companies from the 800+ organizes who submitted applications to present.

I have only two regrets about the show:

1. It’s over
2. I need to wait until Finovate Fall  to see the next batch of amazing FinTech entrepreneurs showcasing their latest and greatest.

Hope to see you in New York September 8-9, 2016 at the Hilton Midtown for Fall Finovate!!!


About Michael Moeser

Michael Moeser advises clients on improving the payments experience by anticipating customer needs amid the changing landscape of banking and retail shopping. His areas of expertise include cards, checks, P2P payments, B2C transactions, remittances, faster payments, digital commerce, mobile wallets, and merchant acquisition.

Before joining Javelin, Michael held executive positions at Visa, McKinsey, Capital One, and Ondot Systems. He has given presentations at conferences such as NACHA Payments, BAI Beacon, Card Forum, Power of Prepaid, and Mobile Payments. Michael has been quoted in many publications, including Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, American Banker, Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg, and Washington Post.

Michael holds a BBA in finance from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship from the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business at DePaul University. 

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