In just a few weeks the fintech world will be congregating in San Jose, California to spend a couple of days at one of the industry’s premiere events for the formal introduction of new technology companies (and new products/divisions of some older ones too).  It’s literally a “debutante ball” for companies that are expected to rock the financial industry in the near future with their revolutionary products and services. 

I’ve had a chance to preview this year’s awesome lineup and need to report that predicting my top five “best of show winners” was almost impossible.  There are just too many impressive companies from which to pick from at this year’s event.  In the end, there were just a few that seemed to rise above the rest with their technology and novel approaches.  As they say in the pageant industry, without further adieu…barring a Steve Harvey or Warren Beatty’s my personal “best of the best”

  • Defense Storm – This is a big data company that marries defense security and compliance governance in a single platform.  It allows you to see across your network, detect and analyze threats, leverage built-in workflow tools to mitigate attacks while report and manage compliance governance.  All built into a single platform that is adaptable to a company’s needs and ever changing compliance policy governance needs.  And it’s all done in real time.
  • Flybits – A Canadian cloud-based experience management software company with some serious street cred based on its recent work with TD Bank.  It will revolutionize how banks interact with their customers by jettisoning the impersonal marketing communications that are neither relevant nor timely.  Say hello to true 1 to 1 marketing experiences.  Flybits helps banks understand a customer’s situation and use it to deliver highly personalized, relevant and timely marketing messages all through their phone.  I can already see the marketing ROI on this product.
  • Talk – An artificial intelligence (AI) bookkeeping system that helps businesses and executives better manage their bills and expenses.  It allows an executive to speak into their phone at a dinner meeting with details such as purpose, participants, etc., and then codes the details into the bookkeeping system, so there is no need to remember with whom you had dinner and why.  The system also has a nifty way to track business deductible mileage for employees in real time, along with handling paper invoices. I need to say paying bills is about to get revolutionized.
  • Jumio – They are offering “trusted identity as a service” which I actually have had the opportunity to use.  Jumio offers their Netverify solution to help Airbnb determine whether you are who you say you, allowing prospective hosts to feel comfortable in renting out a room or even a house to you.  Jumio offers this service so businesses can reduce fraud, meet KYC requirements all while delivering a great user experience.  When asked if clients and their customers are satisfied, all I can say is that is “verified.”
  • Finicity – This company provides the data and related security for a number of new financial apps today and ones yet to be launched.  They offer a RESTful API that powers financial apps to provide loan originations, wealth management, banking, PFM and more.  It delivers aggregation of accounts, statements, banking history, etc. and verifies assets and income all through its API so developers can focus on creating their financial app with an eye to the customer experience and not the data collection.  Finicity is the new way to spell for financial app developers.

Well there you go.  That’s my top five predictions for this year’s event.  Just one caveat.  There are so many good companies this year that my list could change after each day of the event.  My recommendation is that folks go both days to watch, listen and learn from many of the fantastic demos.  Get ready to be impressed.  Look forward to seeing you at the venue!


About Michael Moeser

Michael Moeser advises clients on improving the payments experience by anticipating customer needs amid the changing landscape of banking and retail shopping. His areas of expertise include cards, checks, P2P payments, B2C transactions, remittances, faster payments, digital commerce, mobile wallets, and merchant acquisition.

Before joining Javelin, Michael held executive positions at Visa, McKinsey, Capital One, and Ondot Systems. He has given presentations at conferences such as NACHA Payments, BAI Beacon, Card Forum, Power of Prepaid, and Mobile Payments. Michael has been quoted in many publications, including Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, American Banker, Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg, and Washington Post.

Michael holds a BBA in finance from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship from the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business at DePaul University. 

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