2011 Online Retail Payments Scorecard: New Options to Maximize Online Shopping Revenue

2011 Online Retail Payments Scorecard
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The online retail payments market has grown rapidly since its inception, and Javelin forecasts that the total transaction volume for online retail purchases will reach $443 billion by 2015. An ever‐increasing percentage of consumers are shopping online, and merchants that support a successful online retail website stand to gain a larger share of the available online retail revenue. The Javelin Online Retail Payments Scorecard Model evaluates the consumer‐facing e‐commerce features of 20 top online merchants, including 10 multichannel retailers with brick‐and‐mortar shopping locations and 10 primarily online retailers. This report analyzes the findings of Javelin’s Online Retail Payments Scorecard Model, establishes best practices for merchants that support online retail websites, and uses the findings and supplemental consumer data to make recommendations for how merchants can improve their online offerings.

Primary Questions

  • What payments features should e‐commerce merchants incorporate into their consumer‐focused homepage, product pages, and shopping carts?
  • What payments types are most commonly accepted by online retailers? Which payments types should online retailers consider offering?
  • How do merchants protect online shoppers’ payments information? How effectively do they advertise that protection?
  • What customer support features do e‐commerce merchants offer regarding online payments?
  • What customer support features do e‐commerce merchants offer regarding online payments?
  • How do e‐commerce merchants promote customer loyalty?
  • What do consumers seek in an online payments experience?
  • Looking forward, what online payments‐related features will become important as the e‐commerce industry continues to grow?


Between July 18 and August 19, 2011, Javelin conducted a detailed evaluation of the consumer‐facing e‐commerce features of 10 leading multichannel retailers (i.e., merchants that support both online and brick‐and‐mortar retail shopping) and 10 leading primarily online retailers (i.e., online merchants that do not support brick‐and‐mortar retail shopping). Retailers were selected from a list of the top 50 ecommerce business‐to‐consumer retailers in the U.S. and Canada, based on online sales, including retail chains, catalog‐based retailers, web‐only merchants, brand manufacturers, and digital content sellers.

Companies Mentioned

1-800-Flowers.com Target
Amazon Victoria's Secret
Amway Global Vistaprint
Apple Walmart
Avon Paypal
Best Buy eBillme
Buy.com Bill Me Later
Costco Google
HSN Discover
J.C. Penney American Express
L.L. Bean MasterCard
Macy's Visa
Netflix Diners Club
Overstock.com JCB
Sears Facebook


The surveys targeted respondents in proportions of gender, age and income representative of the overall U.S. online population. According
to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the projected 2011 U.S. population is estimated to be 312 million people.1

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