2012 Identity Fraud Consumer Report: Consumers Taking Control to Reduce their Risk of Fraud -- Prevention — Detection — Resolution™ Steps to Minimize Fraud Risk

2012 Identity Fraud Consumer Report
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Javelin’s 2012 Identity Fraud Report: Consumers Taking Control to Reduce their Risk of Fraud provides tips and recommendations to help consumers prevent, detect and resolve identity fraud. Now in its ninth year, Javelin collects data from approximately 5000 adults each year to measure the overall impact of identity fraud on consumers, and identifies behaviors to might potentially put consumers are risk of becoming a victim of fraud. Javelin’s identity fraud study dates back to 2003 when the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) started this survey. Currently, Javelin reaches an audience of 63 million consumers to help consumers prevent becoming a victim of fraud through continuing education. Year after year, Javelin has received the seal of approval from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

This report provides easy-to-follow guidelines and recommendations for consumers to protect themselves against this $18 billion crime. Javelin’s goal is to equip consumers with proven methods to prevent, detect, and resolve identity fraud. The recommendations in this report are based on the results of our 2012 report a

nd backed by the most up-to-date identity fraud findings available.

A deeper analysis of economic indicators and identity fraud trends is available in the full industry version, 2012 Identity Fraud Report: Social Media and Mobile Forming the New Fraud Frontier, along with a detailed breakdown of how different economic factors, payment purchasing trends, and security dynamics correlate with the change in identity fraud.

Now in its ninth consecutive year, the comprehensive analysis of identity fraud trends is independently produced by Javelin Strategy & Research. Javelin maintains complete independence in its data collection, findings and analysis; the report is a product of Javelin employees only.


This research study is made possible by our sponsors,  Fiserv, Intersections, and Wells Fargo. These companies are dedicated to consumer fraud prevention and education.

The Better Business Bureau also approves of this study.

“Scams of identity theft have exploded in recent years, and BBBs across North America hear every day from consumers and businesses who have been victimized. The most critical tool we have to fight identity theft is awareness. The only way we are going to stop it is to educate consumers on how to spot it before they give away critical information.” – Carrie A. Hurt, interim CEO, Council of Better Business Bureaus



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