Coping with Regulation: The Necessity of Bank Fees

Coping with Regulation
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Events like Bank Transfer Day, the Occupy Wall Street protests, and the forthcoming presidential election are intensifying the need for financial institutions (FIs) to retain or acquire profitable customers in 2012. Following the dramatic regulatory changes occurring in 2009 through 2011, revenue sources for the banking industry were severely curtailed, creating an impetus for financial institutions to introduce changes to product structures, pricing and delivery. Although a wide array of financial services business lines have been affected, one of the key impacts has been to the pricing associated with demand deposit accounts (DDAs) as legislation reining in debit revenues has forced FIs to take a serious look at customer segments and DDAs to determine how to reclaim revenue.


Primary Questions

  • What is the effect of regulation on new DDA fees charged to consumers?
  • How have DDA fees evolved over time?
  • What are the differences in fees charged by FIs of various sizes? Do community institutions charge significantly less than major institutions?
  • How can institutions provide better information about fees to their customers and members?
  • How can fee strategies be more palatable, and even successful, for FIs as they seek to build revenue?

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