Prepaid Cards and Products in 2012: Enabling Financial Access for Underbanked and Gen Y Consumers

Prepaid Cards and Products in 2012
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The regulatory and economic markets have continued to boost consumers’ use of prepaid cards, encouraging greater adoption among targeted demographic segments. Although ownership of mainstream financial products — such as a checking account, savings account, debit card or credit card — has measurably decreased over the past year, prepaid cards have uniquely grown year over year. Prepaid cards are distinctive in that they enable the financial independence of underserved populations, focusing on two key segments: the underbanked and young consumers. This report covers recent changes to the market for prepaid products and explores usage trends among the leading demographic segments. The report further investigates innovations in the features and functionality of popular prepaid products, identifying marketing and product strategies that can be employed to further promote the adoption and use of prepaid cards.


Primary Questions:

  • How has the market for prepaid products changed in recent years?
  • How have recent regulations affected the prepaid card industry? What other market changes have affected industry growth?
  • In what key demographic segments has the use of prepaid products grown the most? How are prepaid products positioned to meet the needs of these groups?
  • How can issuers of prepaid products successfully market their products? What marketing strategies can they use to increase consumer adoption? What features can they add to increase adoption?
  • What are some of the potential areas for growth in the prepaid card market?

Price: $1500 (37pages; 20 charts/graphs)

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