CUSTOMER-DRIVEN ARCHITECTURE™ 2012: A Blueprint for a Digital Financial Lifestyle That Leads to Greater Paper Suppression

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The financial services industry’s efforts to suppress paper will be limited until it delivers a digital lifestyle that offers consumers more control, easier accessibility, better information, more personalization, and more safety than they get from paper-based services. This will require the industry to think more broadly, more strategically, and with greater integration than today, when the industry is focused on persuading customers to turn off paper statements. This report builds on Javelin’s seven-phase Customer-Driven Architecture — introduced in 2009 — to provide a roadmap for delivering unprecedented control and security to consumers, higher profitability to the financial services industry, and a greener, more sustainable environment.

Primary Questions
  • How can the financial services industry create a digital lifestyle that ultimately leads to far greater paper suppression?
  • How should FIs prioritize technology investments that build on the success of earlier investments?
  • What types of consumer experiences will dictate the next phase of investment?
  • How can the industry use technology to redefine personal banking and personal security?


Companies Mentioned
Carrier IQ
Wells Fargo


Price: $1500 (34 pages; 6 charts/graphs)

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