MOBILE PAYMENTS HIT $20 BILLION IN 2012: Tablets Are Key to a Successful Retail Strategy

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Mobile is revolutionizing all aspects of retail purchasing both online and offline, and this report will address where the market is; how merchants, banks, and vendors can profit; and how the growth of mobile retail payments will reverberate across the entire mobile payments ecosystem. While mobile online retail payments has experienced a much greater adoption than mobile physical POS payments, this report will cover how the mobile browser and app act as a foundation for consumer adoption of mobile POS payments. In the five years since Apple first released the iPhone, purchasing through a mobile device has ballooned to capture over one-fourth of mobile phone owners. Mobile purchasing has been especially profound in the online retail space. Consumers spent more than $20 billion just over the mobile browser or app in 2012. Tablets have been particularly pivotal in the movement of online retail payments from the PC to the mobile device. Larger-screen real estate, without sacrificing mobility, has allowed the tablet to capture a substantial portion of the online mobile retail market. Consumers are expected to increasingly rely on tablets to make online purchases as tablet ownership grows, further solidifying mobile as the channel to watch.


Primary Questions

  • What is the size of the online mobile retail payments space?
  • What channels are consumers using to purchase and why?
  • What channels should merchants be encouraging and why?
  • Can merchants and contactless proponents set the groundwork for higher profits from mobile POS payments by deploying other mobile features?
  • How can merchants encourage use of particular channels and optimize the user experience on the mobile device?
  • How is the tablet changing the mobile commerce market?
  • How does purchasing behavior differ between tablet OS owners?


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American Express



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