2012 IDENTITY PROTECTION SERVICES SCORECARD: How to Deliver Customer and Market Value in a Regulated $4B Market

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In Javelin’s sixth annual identity protection services report, we analyze vendor performance, consumer and reseller needs, and optimal strategies for bringing the two together. This report will focus primarily on how to strengthen profitability by increasing the value and awareness of service offerings, minimizing customer attrition, and partnering with other companies to provide value-added services. This is a market undergoing significant change, with several FIs ceasing to offer third-party white-label services amid accusations of unscrupulous billing practices and regulators and other consumer advocates questioning the value of fee-based credit monitoring and other ID protection services above what consumers can do for themselves free of charge. Vendors and regulators must strike a balance between protecting consumers from unscrupulous marketing practices and creating value for consumers by empowering them to protect themselves against ID Fraud. In this tumultuous environment, several vendors have partnered with providers of anti-spam, antimalware, and reputation management products, which Javelin covers in this report as one of many winning strategies for claiming market share through superior value for consumers and reselling partners.


Key Benefits:

  • Market sizing of the industry, including consumer adoption and attrition
  • Consumer bundling of identity protection services
  • Strategies and recommendations for vendors to create additional value for consumers


This report addresses:

  • What is the total size of the ID protection services market, from the side of suppliers and end-user expenditures?
  • How should vendors and resellers react to tumult in the ID protection services market?
  • Which vendors have the best consumer-facing prevention, detection, and resolution™capabilities?
  • What features, marketing strategies, and partnerships are most important for leadership today?
  • What key segments of consumers have the greatest need and use rates for ID protection services?
  • Which practices have been widely adopted by vendors, and which practices should be adopted?
  • Why are consumers discontinuing their ID protection services, and what can vendors do to protect customer relationships?
  • What strategies can vendors take to increase acquisition after many banks purged white label solutions?


Companies Mentioned


ID Watchdog


Identity Truth











Fifth Third

Wells Fargo


Price: $3,000 (51pages; 33charts/graphs)

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