ROAD MAP TO ALERTS 3.0: A New Channel Emerges for Interactive Finance

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Enterprise vs. Department
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Financial alerts are uniquely suited to play an indispensible role in redefining personal banking and personal security. Alerts can serve as “conversation starters” that put banks and credit unions in position — potentially on a daily basis — to spur customer interaction and online and mobile engagement, as well as develop their role as a trusted adviser. Unfortunately, adoption of alerts — like online banking and bill pay — has flatlined. The number of financial decision-makers with online access who receive email or text alerts on personal computers, smartphones, feature phones, and tablets will grow only 4% annually through 2016 unless the financial services industry deepens the pool of users by upgrading alerts technology, serves up more real-time information across banking silos, and makes alerts more useful and relevant.


Primary Questions

  • How many U.S. banking customers receive email and text alerts — and how fast will adoption grow?
  • Which type of alerts do consumers favor — text, email, or push notification — and how are preferences changing?
  • How can FIs deepen adoption of alerts and use them to transform personal banking and personal security?
  • Which alerts do Americans value most — and are alerts in general living up to expectations?
  • Which FIs are setting the benchmark for financial alerts?
  • What is Bank of America doing to upgrade alerts?
  • What are key pros and cons of push notifications delivered through mobile banking apps?


Companies Mentioned



Bank of America



Wells Fargo






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