5TH ANNUAL ONLINE RETAIL PAYMENTS FORECAST 2012–2017: Mobile and Alternative Payments Are Changing the Game

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The postrecessionary economy is still far from being healed, but economic indicators suggest continued improvement, and the e-commerce market remains on an upward trajectory. The U.S. online retail payments market grew from $282 billion in 2011 to $318 billion in 2012, and it is expected to grow an additional $140.5 billion over the next five years. This report evaluates the actual and forecast changes in the e-commerce market, tracking payments mix data from 2011 through the forecast year of 2017 and identifying key drivers of market change. This report highlights the move to mobile transacting, including Javelin’s market-sizing for mobile online retail payment activity. The dynamics of the online share and transaction growth of credit cards (network and private label), debit cards, online alternative payments, prepaid cards, and gift cards is also evaluated.


Primary Questions

  • What are the major trends for domestic e-commerce retail payment transactions?
  • How will traditional online payments vehicles — credit and debit cards — fare as new payment options are introduced and changing economic factors influence consumer preferences?
  • What factors influence consumer adoption and the use of various payment options for online purchasing?
  • How has consumer receptivity to online purchasing changed over time, and how will it continue to evolve?
  • To what extent has the mobile channel — including mobile phones and tablets — altered consumers’ online shopping behavior?


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