10 TRENDS FOR FINANCIAL SERVICES IN 2013: Forging a New Frontier for Banking, Payments, Mobile and Security

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After a tumultuous election year, financial service providers enter 2013 with little resolution to open issues. In this report, Javelin’s senior analysts lay out a roadmap for readers, identifying 10 transformational trends and highlighting the action steps providers should take now to bring order to the rapidly changing arena for banking, payments, mobile and security. Evolutionary technology change is the order of the day, rejuvenating financial services delivery, the point of sale, and the interaction between channels while also proving to be both an asset and a challenge for financial institutions (FIs). In 2013, non-traditional players like retailers or mobile device and app providers will also increasingly threaten the trusted role of FIs as options like mobile delivery, data analysis, and personal financial management (PFM) advance to offer new avenues for consumer access and profitability.


Primary Questions

  • How will challenges by new technology players change the traditional FI landscape?
  • How are changes in technology affecting consumer behavior, and what can FIs do to benefit from them?
  • How can FIs educate and encourage consumers to use mobile technology in mutually beneficial ways?
  • How can FIs increase profitability without compromising consumer trust?
  • What are the implications from the 2012 election on business investment and consumer behavior?


Companies Mentioned

American Express

Ocean Bank








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