2012 MOBILE SECURITY: Android and IPhone are Attractive Fraud Targets in $20B Mobile Payments Market

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Smartphone security is an increasing concern as mobile malware multiplies exponentially, and Android’s open source platform continues to gain market share over iOS. While most malware has so far targeted Android, which has the largest installed base of users, iOS remains a valuable, if elusive, mark for hackers—iOS users spend more individually and have greater deposits on average than Android users. All smartphone owners demonstrate cautious attitudes and willingness to protect their mobile devices from threats. However their risky behaviors demonstrate a disconnect between intention and know-how. Financial institutions, card issuers, mobile wallet providers, and merchants have a number of options for providing a secure user experience.


Primary Questions

  • What is the size of the market for different Smartphone platforms?
  • What is the volume of mobile payments made through the browser and app for each OS?
  • What are the primary threats facing smartphone purchasers?
  • What are the major vulnerabilities of each operating system?
  • What can financial institutions, card issuers, mobile wallet providers, merchants, and consumers do to protect personal and payment information on the mobile device?


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Google Square
LevelUp Trend Micro


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