How Consumers can Protect Against Identity Fraud in 2013

How Consumers can Protect Against Identity Fraud in 2013
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Javelin Strategy and Research’s How Consumers can Protect Against Identity Fraudsters in 2013 provides recommendations to help consumers prevent, detect, and resolve identity fraud.  This report provides easy-to-follow guidelines for consumers to protect themselves against this $21 billion crime of identity fraud. Javelin Strategy & Research’s goal is to equip consumers with proven methods to prevent, detect, and resolve identity fraud.

A deeper analysis of economic indicators and identity fraud trends is available for purchase in the full version of the 2013 Identity Fraud Report: Data Breaches Become a Treasure Trove for Fraudsters, along with a detailed breakdown of how different economic factors, payment purchasing trends, and security dynamics correlate with changes in identity fraud.

Now in its tenth consecutive year, the comprehensive analysis of identity fraud trends is independently produced by Javelin Strategy & Research, a division of Greenwich Associates. Javelin maintains complete independence in its data collection, findings, and analysis; the report is a product of Javelin only.

This research study is made possible by our sponsors, Intersections and Citigroup. These companies are dedicated to consumer fraud prevention and education.


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