2014 IDENTITY FRAUD REPORT: Card Data Breaches and Inadequate Consumer Password Habits Fuel Disturbing Fraud Trends

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Author: Al Pascual

Published Date: February 2014
(73 pages; 50 charts/graphs)

Javelin’s “2014 Identity Fraud Report” provides a comprehensive analysis of fraud trends in the context of a changing technological and regulatory environment in order to inform consumers, financial institutions and businesses on the most effective means of fraud prevention, detection and resolution. This year, Javelin continued to explore the relationship between the compromise of personal information in a data breach and fraud incidence.  In addition, Javelin examined the effects of consumer password habits, mobile device usage, and social networking on identity fraud.

Companies Mentioned
Amazon, American Express, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, MasterCard, Microsoft, Mozilla, PayPal, RIM, TJX, and Visa

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A New Identity Fraud Victim Every Two Seconds in 2013 According to Latest Javelin Strategy & Research Study

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