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Mark Schwanhausser, Director of Omnichannel Financial Services,

Mark Schwanhausser, Director of Omnichannel Financial Services,

Mark Schwanhausser is Javelin’s Director of Omnichannel Financial Services. Mark strategizes about how financial institutions can track and serve customers across whatever channels they use, and provide a consistent, integrated brand and user experience. Mark helps banks and credit unions profitably enable customers to monitor and manage their money more smartly through technology such as online banking, mobile banking, personal finance management tools, financial alerts, and any technologies on the horizon.

Mark specializes in how to develop long-term profitability by redefining personal finance management for a mass market, serving the critical needs of Moneyhawks™ and Gen Y.2™ consumers, building better bill-pay for the underbanked, converting 22 million Americans to the habit of paying bills through their bank or credit union, transitioning more customers to the paperless lifestyle, and holding private conversations in a public forum on social networks such as Twitter.

Before joining Javelin in April 2008, Mark worked nearly 26 years for the San Jose Mercury News, most of it as a personal finance reporter writing about money and emerging trends in financial services and payments technology.

Mark has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri at Columbia and attended Antioch College. He lives in Pleasanton with his wife and has four children.

Coverage Area

Areas of Expertise

  • Online banking. Maximize returns while enabling customers to monitor and manage their finances.
  • Online bill pay. Keep customers coming back by streamlining a necessary chore.
  • Mobile banking. The always-on, real-time “remote control” for our finances.
  • Personal finance management tools. Provide a financial dashboard for all the customer’s accounts.
  • Financial alerts. Empower customers and lay the foundation for mobile commerce.
  • Digital account opening. Make a good first impression by removing barriers.
  • Generation Y.1 and Y.2. How to woo and win over the next generation of banking customers.
  • Online archive “vault” services. An incentive for consumers to turn off the paper.
  • Emerging innovators. Start-ups that could be your next rival, partner or acquisition.