Identity Proofing Award

Mitigation of Identity fraud requires a combination of technologies that are complementary and easy to manage. Adding a new technology solution requires an approach that looks beyond fraud management to the customer experience in all stages of the customer life cycle. Not only is it critical to have a safe and secure onboarding experience, but identity management also needs to enable access and step-up authentication and bind the identity to the account, all while preventing account takeover and new-account fraud.

2020 Identity Proofing Scorecard Award

Overview: 2020 Identity Proofing Scorecard Report Overview


Companion Report: 2020 Identity Proofing Scorecard (client log in required)

2017 Identity Proofing Platform Scorecard Award

Whitepaper: 2017 Identity Proofing Platform Scorecard Award Whitepaper


Companion Report: 2017 Identity Proofing Platform Scorecard (client log in required)

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