Javelin Mobile Biometrics Platform Awards

In the inaugural Mobile Biometrics Platform Scorecard, Javelin Strategy & Research evaluated twelve leading platform providers for the breadth of their features in supporting mobile biometric authentication. The scorecard is designed to emphasize the importance of having a full-featured product to meet the consumer expectations and the security needs of financial service providers. Consequently, the criteria emphasize support for multiple biometric modalities across a variety of channels. Because no authentication method is sufficient to combat fraud on its own, the scorecard also rewards platform providers that back up those biometric authenticators with additional data sources and authentication methods to secure the crucial enrollment step. Each of the providers was evaluated according to Javelin’s Functional, Innovative, Tailored (FIT) model.

Javelin Mobile Biometrics Platform Awards

2018 Javelin Mobile Biometrics Platform Awards

Whitepaper: 2018 Mobile Biometrics Platform Award Winners


Companion Report: 2018 Mobile Biometrics Platform Scorecard Report (client log in required)

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