Mobile banking adoption is increasing rapidly, with 45% of mobile consumers using mobile banking in the past 90 days. The importance of the mobile channel to future growth cannot be overstated as 71% of consumers using mobile banking believe that online or mobile banking is sufficient for their banking needs. With 100% of the top 25 banks now offering mobile banking, vendors are turning greater attention to mid-size and smaller banks and credit unions. In this fourth annual review, Javelin provides a highly detailed, competitive analysis and ranking of 11 leading mobile banking providers. With the continuing maturation of the channel, vendors are now segmenting their offerings and therefore a detailed, comparison of eight standardized, out-of-the-box solutions and eight- higher-end, customizable solutions are provided. Intended for both institutions and vendors, this report can be used as a strategic guideline for institutions developing their mobile strategy and/or selecting a vendor. For vendors, this report includes evidence-based guidelines, strategies and tactics for building out a vision and a solution that can move successfully into the future.

Primary Questions

  • What are key criteria financial institutions should consider when developing a mobile banking strategy?
  • Which vendors have the best mobile banking solutions in the industry?
  • How have vendors changed their practices in 2013 and why?
  • Which practices have been widely adopted by vendors, and which practices should be adopted?
  • Where is the industry heading? What are best practices for the future?
  • Which operating systems do vendors need to support and why?
  • Which vendor offers the best standard, out-of-the-box solution?
  • Which vendor offers the best higher-end, customizable solution?
  • Which is the best-in-class mobile banking vendor for 2013-2014?


Companies Mentioned

ACI Worldwide

Kony, Inc.


Malauzai Software

D3 Banking


Digital Insight








Jacky Henry & Associates



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