The financial services market has seen considerable disruption and changing customer expectations in the past year.  Javelin has been tracking trends. Our analyst team has considered all of the potential trends that will shape and drive opportunities for our clients, and have identified the top trends for 2016. These ten trends will challenge as well as drive opportunities in the financial services sector in 2016.

  1. Silicon Valley moves up the food chain in financial services. 
  2. Mobile P2P is the killer app for real-time payments.  
  3. EMV hacking will inspire security innovations. 
  4. Apple Pay and Android Pay will drive small businesses to adopt EMV and NFC. 
  5. Wealth advisers will embrace digital tech to spur broader one-on-one interaction. 
  6. The alternative online small business loan market will experience explosive growth. 
  7. 2016 will be a rebuilding year for fraud. 
  8. Self-Set Alerts will take a back seat to proactive, personal notifications.  
  9. Social media buy buttons are the impulse aisle of mobile shopping. 
  10. Beacons break through.