We are a digital culture — communicating, interacting, and consuming through every digital platform available to us. It is this progression that has laid the foundation for big data and analytics. Data is being generated at an incomprehensible rate, and it will continue to increase in volume and velocity exponentially. But how is it being leveraged and what are the rewards? Who are the winners and who are the losers in the world of big data?

Primary Questions:

  • How are financial institutions collecting and using big data?
  • How much do consumers understand about big data and how it is used?
  • How secure do consumers feel with their online data?
  • What major legislation regulates banks and other financial institutions’ big data collection and use?
  • What future regulation is likely to affect data collection and use for FI’s?
  • How can FI’s use big data and analytics to more effectively understand and target their customers?
  • How can big data and analytics help FI’s better engage with their customers in real time?
  • What mobile technologies can FIs use to deploy real-time marketing campaigns?
  • Legislative research
  • Secondary research and in-depth interviews with senior representatives 
  • Various randon-sample panel consumers online surveys.