The Javelin Digital Lending report, Optimizing Digital Auto Lending to Overcome the Captive Advantage, makes the case that auto lenders — banks and credit unions, in particular — must shift their focus away from the indirect lending channel and prioritize direct lending, particularly through digital originations. This companion report further examines digital auto finance opportunities and explores the technology capabilities and lending strategies required to successfully compete in digital auto finance.

Key questions discussed in this report:
  1. What are the key characteristics of the digital automotive market for both dealers and lenders?
  2. What data and technology are needed to provide an automated and robust digital auto finance platform?
  3. How can lenders replicate the digital experience consumers get from shopping for vehicles when they’re obtaining financing? 

Companies Mentioned: Axos Bank, CarFax, Carvana, CarZing, Experian, Fair, JPMorgan Chase, LendingTree, Regions Bank, Upstart Network, Vroom


Consumer data in this report was collected via an online survey fielded in April 2020, consisting of 475 consumers who obtained at least one auto loan or lease on or after January 2018.