There are few shows that bring together more security vendors than UBM Technology Group’s annual Black Hat conference. Squeezed between BSides Las Vegas and DEF CON, the conference’s two days of briefings bring together thousands of attendees annually — and, it feels like, just as many start-ups. 

To be highlighted, firms had to have marketed themselves to financial services clients; offer an approach that meets a new need in the market or that tackles an old problem in a new way; present a compelling, easily understood written overview of their product in advance of the conference; and offer a detailed understanding of their technology. This year, Javelin analysts are profiling firms that broke down into these main categories: 

  • Privacy Management 
  • Secure Messaging and Collaboration 
  • Phishing Detection and Remediation
  • Security Operations and Threat Management 

Javelin asked them in advance of the conference about their stories, the uniqueness of their offerings, and their technologies’ use cases. Four stood out. 

Companies Mentioned: Awake, BigID, Ironscales, PreVeil