Analysts from Javelin’s Payments practice recently attended FinovateSpring 2018. Of the firms presenting, Javelin identified four companies, highlighted in this report, providing an innovative payments experience by taking an uncommon approach to a popular market challenge or by being among the first to address a new market opportunity or need.   

In selecting companies for this report, the factors Javelin considered include:

  • Offers a solution or product applicable to retail payments
  • Offers available product—no vaporware 
  • Companies must have a product in market at the time of the conference 
  • Pilots or companies launching at Finovate were not considered
  • Presents a compelling, easily-understood overview of the product in their demo 
  • During an in-depth discussion, company representatives provided Javelin analysts with a more detailed understanding of their product, beyond the 7-minute conference demo
In this report we discuss the companies outlined below (in alphabetical order), including their background, why their product is unique, how their technology can be utilized, and why they could be an ideal partners. 
  • Alpharank: Utilizes historical transaction data in a new way, making cross-selling and new customer acquisition more effective 
  • Dynamics: Provides new versatility for and increases life cycle of plastic cards, allowing for enhanced security, multiple card use, and interactive customer messaging 
  • moneyamigo: Reward-based debit card for the non-affluent 
  • Status Money: Direct-to-consumer advertising platform allowing financial providers to target consumers on a very niche level likely to result in higher marketing ROI