This report, sponsored by Accertify, discusses how lagging dispute resolution processes or chargebacks can be improved with clearer strategy that enhances service and brand recognition. 

This research report was independently produced by Javelin Strategy & Research. Javelin Strategy & Research maintains independence in data collection, findings, and analysis. 

Readers of this report will also be given an opportunity to learn why integration of processes and automation of tasks can lead to cost savings and improved client experience. Javelin surveyed 500 merchants that sell predominantly online and via certain in-store locations. A previous report sponsored by Accertify Managing the Challenges of Chargebacks was published in 2015 and explored the intricacies of managing chargebacks. Comparisons of relevant key findings from the 2015 report, when possible, will be made to illustrate changes in methodology and procedures relevant to the chargeback dispute process as it exists in 2021. 


500 online merchants were surveyed in March of 2021. All respondents were required to offer goods and services predominantly through an online presence. Some merchants participating in this study also conduct business through mail, phone, brick & mortar or branded mobile device app.