Smartphone, tablet and mobile banking adoption are shattering expectations, raising the stakes for FIs to compete through superior mobile banking. In 2013, 95 million U.S. adults used mobile banking – a gain of 27 million mobile bankers over 2012. Strong growth in mobile banking is closely tied to device adoption of smartphones and tablets, which added 36 million and 42 million new owners, respectively. Meanwhile, operating systems present on smartphones and tablets are both gaining and losing users rapidly. This annual report contains updated five year forecasts of smartphone, tablet, mobile banking, mobile phone usage, smartphone adoption by operating system, and tablet adoption by operating system. Additionally, this report contains clear advice on which platform investments to prioritize by devices and operating systems. 

Primary Questions:

  • What will mobile banking adoption look like in the next five years, and how quickly will it grow? 
  • How fast is consumer use of tablets growing?
  • At what rate will smartphone adoption continue?
  • Which smartphone operating systems are most popular, and which will have the biggest impact on mobile banking? 
  • What are potential roadblocks for consumers who have not tried mobile banking, and what can financial institutions (FIs) do to minimize them? 
  • What factors will influence mobile banking adoption? 
  • How should banks and credit unions position themselves to succeed as mobile banking institutions?

Companies Mentioned: 

Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Bank of America, BB&T, BBVA Compass, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, Motorola, Citizens, Comerica, Fifth Third Bank, GoBank, Google, HTC, Key Bank, LG, M&T, Microsoft, Moven, Navy Federal Credit Union, Nokia, PNC Bank, Regions, RIM, Samsung, Simple, Sovereign Bank, Sprint, SunTrust Bank, TD Bank, T-Mobile, U.S. Bank, USAA, Verizon, Wells Fargo

Press Release: 
Mobile Device Boom Led to 74,000 New Mobile Bankers per Day in 2013

  • A random‐sample panel of 3,285 respondents in a July 2013 online survey. 
  • A random‐sample panel of 3,492 respondents with mobile phones in a June 2012 online survey. 
  • A random‐sample panel of 3,180 respondents with mobile phones in a June 2011 online survey. 
  • A random‐sample panel of 3,213 respondents in a September 2013 online survey. 
  • A random‐sample panel of 8,732 respondents in a September 2013 online survey.