While mobile proximity payments are just beginning to take off, mobile online retail payments made through apps and mobile browsers form a much more mature market. For every dollar spent through mobile proximity payments, $19 is spent through mobile browsers and apps. This report provides a rigorous market sizing of mobile online retail payments and also includes JAVELIN’s first forecast for mobile online retail payments through 2019. Furthermore, the pressing questions industry stakeholders have about mobile online retail payments are addressed: Who are the current adopters of mobile online retail payments? What are their preferred platforms and devices? What are their preferred funding methods? What products are they buying? This overview and forecast of mobile online retail payments also gives stakeholders data for decision-making and recommends what steps to take as this market sector quickly develops.

Primary Questions:

  • What is the projected size of mobile online retail payments through 2019?
  • How much of the total mobile online retail payment volume is generated by consumers who use mobile apps, mobile browsers, or both?
  • What types of consumers use mobile online retail payments today?
  • How does the use of mobile online retail purchasing differ by smartphone and tablet operating systems?
  • What products are consumers purchasing online using mobile devices?
  • What are consumers’ preferred funding methods for mobile online retail purchases?

Companies Mentioned:

Amazon Apple Google Microsoft



Consumer data in this report is based on information gathered from multiple JAVELIN surveys conducted from 2012 to 2014. Data was gathered and weighted to reflect a representational sample of U.S. adult consumers.

  • A random-sample panel of 3,225 consumers in a July 2014 survey. 
  • A random-sample panel of 3,100 consumers in an August/September 2014 survey. 
  • A random-sample panel of 3,285 consumers in a July 2013 survey. 
  • A random-sample panel of 3,492 mobile phone owners in a June 2012 survey.