The number of tablet bankers has increased tenfold in the past three years. Tablet adoption has reached the 50% crossover point, just four short years after Apple introduced the iPad. While tablets are still consumption and not productivity machines, indications are strong that they are replacing laptops in the hierarchy of American family life. This report includes a market‐sizing and forecast of tablet bankers, tablet adoption, and tablet operating systems in the U.S., examines consumer behavior and preferences, and makes recommendations for a comprehensive tablet strategy.

Primary Questions:

  • How many consumers are using tablets to access their bank accounts and how quickly are they growing?
  • How fast is tablet adoption in the U.S. expanding?
  • How is the tablet operating platform market evolving, and which vendors are gaining share? 
  • What are consumer platform preferences, and what is their tablet‐specific usage behavior?
  • How is the tablet app usage different from the smartphone or PC?
  • How should financial executives prioritize their tablet app development?
  • What are the best practices for designing tablet apps and websites?

Companies Mentioned
Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM

Press Release
By 2018, Javelin Estimates 138 Million Adults Will Access Bank Accounts Through Tablets

  • A random‐sample panel of 6,000 respondents in a May 2014 online survey.