Case Studies

Past studies of Custom Research include

  • Longitudinal CATI of over 5,000 consumers regarding identity fraud behavior and loss patterns
  • Phone interview of operational managers and C-level executives to understand satisfaction with card processing
  • Two-part market gap-analysis study based on comparison of provider and consumer offerings and attitudes: (Part 1) Phone interview of merchants to understand perceptions for low adoption of issuer programs. (Part 2) Survey purchasing difficulties and attitudes (through actual purchase) of consumers
  • Phone interview of small business regarding interest in bill payment services and features
  • Phone interview of C-level executives to understand merchants in selection factors for payment processors
  • Six-country survey on potential security product offerings for payments provider
  • Survey on consumer’s confidence in various payment types, channels of payment, and institutions involved in payments
  • Survey of six key to gain understanding of preferences for check handling services
  • Anti-Money Laundering Study
  • Merchant Sizing
  • Online Bill Payment
  • Consumer Payment Confidence Index
  • Merchant Payment Fraud Study
  • Brand Preference Study
  • Market Model
  • Usage Study