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Mitigate security threats against customers and the enterprise

Financial institutions and their customers are under constant attack as criminals attempt to compromise accounts, personally identifiable information and even intellectual property. FIs have their profitability and reputations at stake. Javelin helps financial institution clients devise effective strategies for securing data and systems in a constantly evolving threat environment.

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal that impacted roughly 87 million Facebook users, California lawmakers have quickly pushed through privacy legislation that could become a standard for how U.S. banks handle customer information.1 The...

Hacking Back: Playing with Fire

Javelin Report
June 27, 2018
Despite warnings from academics, former intelligence community officials, and federal law enforcement, some security professionals at financial services companies harbor a willingness to attack their adversaries. Not necessarily to destroy outside...
In late November 2017, Uber announced a previously undisclosed theft of data affecting roughly 57 million riders and drivers that had taken place roughly a year earlier. The ride-sharing startup said it had arranged $100,000 payment a year earlier...
This report examines the interest, trust, and doubts FIs have in bug bounty programs (initiatives that incentive vulnerability disclosure) and, more generally, vulnerability disclosure.
As foot traffic to branches dwindles and online financial services expands, there is no more important function for bankers to consider than the means by which customers securely access their online and mobile banking pages. Concurrently, big...

2018 Digital Lending Trends

Javelin Report
March 1, 2018
While most areas in retail banking have embraced the power of going digital, lending has been a clear laggard.  It is only over the last few years that lending has truly embraced the digital revolution. Spurred by threats from alternative...

2018 Fraud & Security Trends

Javelin Report
February 19, 2018
With every new headline it becomes increasingly obvious that cybercrime is on the rise.  Motivated by the growing use of digital banking and payments, criminals are targeting institutions’ websites, consumers’ digital devices and non-bank...
Development in digital banking and payments services for small businesses has lagged significantly behind consumer and commercial banking, leaving many business owners and operators managing their finances and paying suppliers on platforms that are...

2018 Payments Trends

Javelin Report
February 7, 2018
Over the past few years the payments landscape has experienced evolutionary change in an effort to adapt to growing demands from consumers, businesses, technology, and regulators. As we kick off 2018, Javelin’s Payments team has identified three key...

2018 Digital Banking Trends

Javelin Report
February 1, 2018
The financial services market is undergoing significant change to adapt to consumers’ mobile-first expectations. Much immediate effort in 2018 will focus on rolling out the Zelle person-to-person (P2P) network that some envision as the backbone of...

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