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Mitigate security threats against customers and the enterprise

Financial institutions and their customers are under constant attack as criminals attempt to compromise accounts, personally identifiable information and even intellectual property. FIs have their profitability and reputations at stake. Javelin helps financial institution clients devise effective strategies for securing data and systems in a constantly evolving threat environment.

Impact Note: GDPR

Javelin Report
October 18, 2017
On May 25, 2018, when the European Union’s landmark General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is scheduled to take effect, few, if any, financial institutions will be confident they’re in full compliance, here or abroad. The sweeping mandate —...

2017 Account Safety in Banking Scorecard

Javelin Report
September 12, 2017
Javelin’s 2017 Account Safety in Banking Scorecard analyzes the customer-facing security measures of 28 of the largest depository financial institutions in the US. Scorecard performance highlights many areas where financial institutions must focus...
In 2016, FIs were more vigilant about notifying their customers of fraud than ever before. That is the result of several contributing factors, not the least of which are new processes and increasing use of better technology. One of the most oft-...

2017 Mobile Banking Malware Report

Javelin Report
April 25, 2017
As smartphones increasingly become a nexus for consumers’ financial lives, their value to fraudsters has risen accordingly. Mobile shopping, mobile wallets, and person-to-person (P2P) payments all offer new avenues for fraud, and much of the next...
Bitcoin — and by extension its blockchain — has captivated the financial industry. On paper, a private version of the virtual currency’s distributed ledger technology (DLT) could be a common-sense replacement for an array of traditional networks...

Continuous Authentication Becomes A Reality

December 12, 2016
The growth of digital financial technologies has placed dual pressures on security systems. Emerging digital channels have facilitated fraud like never before, but users are growing less tolerant of added friction. Digital interactions that raise...

Future Trends for Digital Banking and Payments

December 13, 2016
Javelin’s latest Future Trends report is making a notable departure from previous editions. We want our clients to be alerted to upcoming trends over a longer time horizon to be better prepared to address these challenges and opportunities. The...

Securing Account Aggregation

Javelin Report
November 10, 2016
Account aggregation has emerged as a key technology underpinning a wide variety of financial applications — from third-party account verification for financial institutions to services allowing consumers to view all of their accounts within the same...

2016 Data Breach Fraud Impact Report

Javelin Report
June 9, 2016
2015 was a diverse year for breaches. Data theft from government agencies, healthcare providers, financial institutions, telecoms, retailers, and social networks proved that no industry is immune from attack. Many of these breaches exposed...
Despite high levels of concern about fraud, consumers are slow to adopt security best practices. Gamification, the incorporation of game design elements into non-game applications, can help to build consumer ability and motivate them to take...

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