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Panel Discussion:


How Virtual Assistants are Transforming Banking

Moderator: Emmett Higdon

Time/Date: Wednesday, December 9. 1:00pm - 1:30 pm PST


Virtual assistants are one of the best features available for mobile banking, offering a simplified, intuitive way to bank unlike any other. Banks are working on making their virtual assistants more sophisticated than yesteryears’ chatbots which performed basic banking tasks like making transfers, paying bills and checking balances.  Virtual assistants provide more in-depth and detailed help, involving multi-screen transactions and more detailed assistance for their customers  removing the need to search through multiple screens to find what you want to do and the need to tap through a multi-step process.


Hear two leading financial institutions as they discuss how virtual assistants have created an improved customer experience, transactional ease and increased servicing functionality, along with future plans for this smart technology.

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