Panel discussion
The Bird’s Eye View: Disruptors in SMB banking, and reclaiming your space

Date/Time: Nov. 23, 2:15pm

The small-business banking landscape is evolving at a breakneck pace, and banks’ biggest competitors are no longer just their rival financial institutions, but also a wide variety of non-bank companies. Fintech unicorns like Kabbage and Brex, Silicon Valley tech giants like Square, PayPal, and Stripe, and accounting platforms like QuickBooks and Xero (to name a few) are all encroaching heavily on the traditional financial services relationship. And in the absence of digital development at banks, business owners are embracing non-bank digital platforms that help them make and accept payments, project cash flow, manage expenses and cards, and apply for credit.

Silicon Valley and others are forcing the industry to answer a critical question: Who will be the financial hub for small business owners going forward?

This session will outline how key non-bank players are essentially acting as a de facto primary FI for small business owners, and discuss strategies for how banks can build online and mobile tools to earn back their role as partners in the financial success of their business clients.

Speaker: Ian Benton, Senior Analyst, Digital Banking


Panel discussion
Customer Insight: Working to secure customers’ financial futures

Date/Time: Nov. 23, 2:10pm

  • Exploring how new product offerings and technologies can benefit both your customers and your business, with solutions that work for all.
  • Determining how to deliver better financial products for the likes of senior citizens, gen Z, and gig economy workers.
  • More relevant, differentiated products to enable customers to live their fullest and best financial live

Speaker: Mark Schwanhausser, Director, Digital Banking


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