See the cutting-edge of fintech via a unique, short-form, demo-only format. Plus, new for 2018, get advice and insights from 100+ fintech experts in a newly expanded program. All coming to you live from Silicon Valley, the world’s biggest tech and innovation hotbed.




​Al Pascual Session:

May 10, 13:45

Strategy Session: Digital identity schemes - if banks don't create a working system, someone else will.


Sean Sposito Sessions:

May 10, 14:20

  • Fireside chat: Innovation in Security - cutting edge start ups discuss what's new in cyber security

May 10, 15:45 

  • Strategy Session: Has the threat landscape expanded – or just shifted? A discussion of phishing, misconfigured servers (cloud), credential reuse and extortion.

May 10, 16:20

  • Practitioners Debate: Are we winning the security battle or are we creating more vulnerabilities?


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