At RegTech 2019, experts will share the latest in compliance technology innovation, regulators will give guidance around how their examiners will assess regtech deployments, and bank executives will explain what new tech they’ve implemented in this area and how it’s working. We hope you’ll join us.


SESSION: The Limits of Privacy Promises

Speaker: Sean Sposito

Tuesday November 12, 2019 11:00 a.m.

Perspective: How payments and financial transactions are processed – and the AML and fraud loss methods banks and issuers are employing – are effectively making multiple parties co-controllers of bank customer information.


Challenge: Banks and payments companies can’t really own the experience from end to end and make guarantees for individuals that don’t employ technical and regulatory privacy implications



  • Why privacy is a product feature and is something that can drive adoption
  • What is the regulatory state of privacy inside of the bank
  • What regulators – federal, state and municipal – are revamping those laws and focusing on updating consumer privacy protections.

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