Aug 20, 2015

JAVELIN Assess Apple Pay and Other Mobile Payment Providers as Incentive to Drive EMV Adoption

San Francisco, CA, August 20, 2015:  As the EMV chip card replaces the magnetic stripe many consumers will be reaching for their new cards at the POS. Unfortunately, deterred by equipment costs, small and micro businesses have avoided upgrading their terminals. Because of the upcoming fraud liability shift in October, failure to upgrade will leave these businesses vulnerable to fraud costs. Today, JAVELIN released its first report from its new small business practice area. The report, Small Business EMV Readiness, assesses the readiness and current state of transition of small and micro merchants to EMV.

Aug 12, 2015

JAVELIN Explores Gamification Opportunities to Improve Consumer Security Behavior

San Francisco, CA, August 12, 2015: Even as concerns about privacy, fraud, and data breaches are saturating America, consumers continue to be reluctant to adopt strong security behaviors. Today, JAVELIN released, Strengthening Security Engagement with Gamification, which discusses how effective implementation of gamification can help change this trend by incentivizing consumers to adopt secure habits.

Jul 28, 2015

JAVELIN Examines Mobile Deposit, Photo Bill Pay, Image Processing and more

San Francisco, CA, July 28, 2015:  With the increase in use of mobile deposit and of mobile banking overall, financial institutions are closer than ever to connecting the dots with 360° mobile banking experience. Today, JAVELIN released, Mobile Imaging: Creating an End-to-End Mobile Banking Experience, which looks at the current state of mobile deposit, mobile photo bill pay, and other newer mobile imaging services, presents the likelihood of adoption, and identifies devices and segments to target as well as best practices for a successful launch.

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