Nov 2, 2014
Wallet Providers Tussle over $4 Trillion U.S. Retail Market

San Francisco, CA, November 3, 2014: The October release of Apple Pay shook up the mobile wallet market, sending current and forthcoming wallet providers back to the drawing board to retool their strategies. While consumers prefer their primary banks and credit unions for a mobile wallet provider overall, top brands PayPal, Google and Apple are closing the gap. Javelin Strategy & Research’s report, Mobile Wallets Analysis and Strategy: How the Game Changes With Apple Pay, advises financial institutions, technology companies and merchants where to invest in the increasingly competitive wallet market.
Oct 29, 2014
Javelin Forecasts CNP Fraud to Double over POS Fraud by 2018 in the United States

San Francisco, CA, October 30, 2014: As the United States looks to implement EMV, Javelin examined the United Kingdom EMV market as a looking glass into the future U. S. market. While the rapid proliferation of EMV adoption in the UK produced a significant drop in POS fraud, it did not address where card fraud is most problematic—e-commerce and m-commerce. Javelin Strategy & Research’s report, Fixing CNP Fraud: Solutions for a Pre-and Post-EMV U.S. Market warns that online card fraud will rapidly increase despite and irrespective of the US transition to EMV.
Oct 6, 2014

Bank of America is Best Overall, While Union Bank and Ally Bank Rank in Top Awards Too

San Francisco, CA, October 8, 2014: Criminals are fueling their assault on consumers’ checking and savings accounts with targeted data breaches and malware attacks, which are lucrative sources of account credentials and financial information. Their success was undeniable, as existing non‐card fraud (ENCF) nearly tripled from 2012 to 2013, and resulted in total loss of $5 billion. These incidents are facilitated by the proliferation of a variety of stolen consumer PII that can be used for account access. Today, Javelin Strategy & Research released 2014 Identity Safety in Banking, which evaluated the Top 50 financial institutions’ performance on providing consumer‐facing information about account security features. The winning financial institutions are educating consumers about features and services and confronting the broadest array of fraud threats and to manage the damage when all defenses fail.

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