Dec 19, 2012

San Francisco, CA, December 19, 2012 – With the holiday shopping season expected to boost the growing $20 billion mobile payments market, businesses and consumers need to understand and address the security risks associated with mobile devices. Market leader Android, with over 50 million smartphone users, is especially vulnerable to malware and other attacks, given its large and growing user base and open source platform. However, the 33 million iPhone users are attractive targets, as they spend more on average and shop more frequently with their smartphones than Android users. Javelin Strategy & Research’s latest report analyzes risks by mobile platform and channel and recommends mitigation strategies that issuers, merchants, financial institutions, and consumers can utilize for more secure mobile transactions.

More Mobile Purchases Made through Browser than App

Javelin found that iPhone users spend 49% more shopping through the mobile browser than through the mobile app. Likewise, Android users spent 38% more, and users of other operating systems spent 107% more. Shopping through the mobile browser presents greater security...

Dec 6, 2012

Javelin Tracks Mobile Banking Offerings and Adoption By Type of Financial Institution

San Francisco, CA, December 10, 2012 – Credit unions are outperforming community banks in mobile banking, with nine out of ten credit unions offering web-based mobile banking. Meanwhile, three out of ten community banks reviewed do not offer a single form of mobile banking. Javelin Strategy & Research’s latest report analyzes the mobile banking offerings of the four largest banks, top ten large regional banks, top ten community banks, and top ten credit unions, by deposit size, enabling financial institutions (FIs) to benchmark themselves against the top performers in their respective banking category. The report analyzes the impact of increased mobile usage by device and operating system on mobile banking adoption at each type of FI.

Mobile banking offerings vary by size of FI, and consumer adoption varies accordingly. Among top 10 credit unions, 50% offer the triple play, that is, mobile web, app, and text banking. The percentage of consumers using mobile banking at credit unions is only 19%. There is still room for credit unions to grow, as 80% of the largest regional banks provide all three services and adoption increased to 28%. Consumer mobile banking growth follows...

Dec 5, 2012

Javelin’s Online Retail Payments Forecast Analyzes Mix of Traditional and Alternative Payments: 2012-2017

San Francisco, CA, December 5, 2012 – Buoyed by consumer optimism and a rebounding economy, the domestic online retail market grew by 13% this year and is expected to reach $318 billion by the end of 2012. E-commerce merchants saw a number of significant and positive changes including increases in average order value across all payment types. Javelin Strategy & Research’s latest report found increasing reliance on online alternative payments methods, especially credit services such as Bill Me Later, as well as increasing reliance on the mobile device.

Close to one out of every fifteen online purchases now originate from a mobile device, as this channel has experienced rapid adoption throughout the online retail sector. Use of alternative payments methods is also continuing to evolve and is being propelled by the online credit service Bill Me Later, which jumped from just 1% of consumers using the service in 2010 to 21%of consumers in 2012. While credit cards are still the go-to payment option for larger transactions, the average purchase amount using online credit service Bill Me Later...

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