Ewelina  Salaga

Senior Analyst, Custom Research & Operations Expertise: Market Research Development, Methodology & Analytics
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Ewelina Salaga is an Analyst for JAVELIN’s Custom Research & Operations team, overseeing qualitative and quantitative market research projects in the areas of emerging retail banking capabilities, consumer behaviors and attitudes, and financial payments methods and channels. She conducts quantitative analyses of consumer and business survey data to identify new and emerging trends using various statistical techniques. 

Prior to joining JAVELIN, Ewelina was a Research Coordinator at United Way of the Bay Area, where she took part in building an integrated data system among seven programs using business intelligence tools to enhance data quality and improve performance.    

Ewelina holds an MBA in Marketing and Management from the University of Marie Curie-Sklodowska in Lublin, Poland. She also studied Business Intelligence and Analytics through UC Berkeley Extension in Berkeley, California.