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Shaping the next generation of banking and payments on smart devices

Today’s mobile world doesn’t stand still – neither does Javelin. Our analysts constantly monitor market trends in mobile banking, payments and wallet initiatives for financial institutions and vendors of all sizes. As a Javelin client, you’ll be the first to know about opportunities and threats as they emerge in the mobile space. Furthermore, our experts tailor research and strategies to your individual business needs. Here are just a few of the areas we cover: 

  • Mobile banking
  • Wearables, tablets and other devices
  • Mobile-first consumers
  • Mobile imaging
  • Mobile POS
  • Mobile Wallets
A strong level of consumer interest in voice control of mobile banking is not being matched by bank development to meet the emerging demand. Delivered initially through banks’ mobile banking applications, voice assistants will evolve to handle...
Javelin’s latest Future Trends report is making a notable departure from previous editions. We want our clients to be alerted to upcoming trends over a longer time horizon to be better prepared to address these challenges and opportunities. The...
An inflection point is fast approaching in mobile payments. An explosion of payment options has been ignited by the market’s rapid growth to $180 billion — tripling in only three years. Today, dozens of providers have already introduced mobile...
For many years, cable television was the sole provider of in-home entertainment for most Americans. With the arrival of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, consumers permanently shifted their viewing habits to the convenience of on-demand...
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