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The digital world doesn't stand still -- neither does Javelin Strategy & Research. Our digital Banking ream constantly monitors the impact of market trends and emerging technologies on financial institutions and solution providers. Focus on delivering, measuring and optimizing digital banking features and functionality.

Javelin’s Online Banking Scorecard identifies features that will enable financial institutions to achieve two strategic goals: 1) to serve as their customers’ primary FI for transactions, and 2) to build a trusting, advisory relationship that leads...
AARP retained Javelin Strategy & Research in November 2016 to conduct a comprehensive independent study of the financial needs and behaviors of U.S. consumers 50 and older. This whitepaper follows two AARP projects--"Health Innovation Frontiers...
Americans paid about $4.1 trillion in 2016 to settle 13 common bills that form the foundation of day-to-day living and a typical borrowing relationship — and digital payments accounted for 73% of the dollar volume. The continuing decline in mailed...
What makes Millennials a profitability challenge for banks? What are the key attributes of and misconceptions regarding the Millennial generation? Why is a single, uniform approach to targeting Millennials ineffective? What can traditional...
Javelin’s latest Future Trends report is making a notable departure from previous editions. We want our clients to be alerted to upcoming trends over a longer time horizon to be better prepared to address these challenges and opportunities. The...

Looking Beyond KBA

November 21, 2016 By: Al Pascual, Emmett Higdon
This whitepaper, sponsored by Mitek, explores the challenge of identity verification in the digital account opening process, and how document scanning can improve on KBA driven processes. 

2016 Online Banking Scorecard

Javelin Report
November 7, 2016 By: Mark Schwanhausser
This competitive analysis of the nation’s top 30 retail banks and credit unions examines more than 200 online banking features that empower customers to confidently handle financial chores, move money, and steadily achieve financial well-being....

Mobile Online Retail Payments 2016

Javelin Report
October 6, 2016 By: Emmett Higdon
This report examines how providers, recognizing mobile’s disruptive impact, are pioneering new tools like augmented reality to create the next generation of immersive shopping experiences.
This report explores how the Pays stack up and recommends strategies to drive repeat purchasing behavior by creating value all along the purchase journey, not just at the point of payment. 
This report will take a close look at how consumers use tablets in managing their financial lives and why many institutions have responded by delivering identical experiences on tablets and smartphones. It will explore the large role that browsers...

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