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Mar 9, 2015

FinancialPlanning - Pushing its app on the same day as Apple's big show is an example of a company taking advantage of a first-mover branding opportunity, says Mark Schwanhausser, Director of Omnichannel Financial Services at Javelin Strategy & Research. “The ROI is about establishing that you’re a first-adopter that is committed to being connected with customers 24-7-365, and [launching an Apple Watch app] reinforces that branding theme. “It is not necessarily about winning new customers or boosting revenues -- it’s about being perceived as innovative,” he says. “People who buy Apple products are most likely affluent and are perhaps more likely to be Fidelity customers."

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Mar 4, 2015

Fortune - “Last year wasn’t a record for breaches,”finds Identity Fraud study. “But it captured the public’s attention. You had state attorneys general coming out of the woodwork demanding credit monitoring and other protection for victims. With all of that the best we could manage was a 3% decline.

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Mar 2, 2015

NBC News - We (consumers and industry) did all this work to reduce the fraud risk and all we got was a three percent decline in victims. That is not acceptable, according to Al Pascual.

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