Apple’s Passbook Leads the Way for QR Codes

Jul 16, 2012

Apple’s Passbook Leads the Way for QR Codes

Javelin Outlines a Path for 2D Bar Codes from Mobile Marketing and Advertising to Payments

San Francisco, CA, July 16, 2012 – A new report from Javelin Strategy & Research provides an in-depth look at QR (quick-response) codes and other 2D bar codes. Javelin identifies key consumer segments that frequently scan them and best practices from merchants, retailers, (such as Apple, Starbucks, and Groupon) and financial services industry (e.g, FIS-Paydiant) on how to leverage QR codes. Javelin analyzes how QR codes enhance mobile marketing, advertising and payments strategies and examines how Apple’s Passbook will change the market.

By incorporating social media and geolocation into QR and other 2D bar codes, merchants can move beyond mobile advertising and marketing and provide consumers with robust and “right now” experiences. Starbucks Mobile Pay 2D bar code application allows consumers to link their Starbucks prepaid card to their smartphones to transact. Similarly, Groupon uses QR codes to allow consumers to use their mobile phones as tickets or coupons. Apple’s Passbook will enhance the consumer experience by allowing consumers to aggregate a variety of merchant applications that use 2D bar codes, including QR codes, into a wallet on their iPhones and providing easy “top of phone” access to tickets, coupons, gifts, and loyalty programs when consumers are in a specific area or store.

"Apple Passbook is a huge step forward on the path to mobile wallets," said Mary Monahan, Executive Vice President and Research Director, Mobile at Javelin. "By getting consumers used to the idea of geolocation and geofencing, Apple Passbook provides merchants with timely and value-added ways to connect with their mobile consumers such as airline boarding passes that show up on the phone’s lock screen and will update with gate changes as the user enters the terminal. Likewise coupons and loyalty reward benefits could pop up when entering a particular store. With over 100 million iPhone and iPod customers, Apple will gain the largest wallet platform virtually overnight and potentially transition millions of consumers to making merchant-enabled mobile payments with bar codes.”

"Apple’s announcement serves as a wake-up call to retailers and merchants to plan their QR code strategies now," said Jim Van Dyke, President, Javelin. "As a starting point, we recommend that companies immediately present the value of the QR code to the consumer, test QR codes for usability, and supply content optimized for the mobile platform at the other end of the code. Our report provides data on QR code usage and best practices on how retailers and merchants can optimize new tools and QR codes."

Javelin's QR Codes Best Practices report examines consumer adoption of QR codes and presents case studies and best practices from retailers and merchants. The report is based on two online surveys of 3,100 and 5,300 consumers each.

Selected Key Report Findings – QR Codes

  • 40% of mobile bankers have scanned a QR code or bar code compared to 16% of mobile consumers.
  • More than half of mobile bankers would like to use their phones to purchase tickets, make a purchase in a store or at the point of sale, or organize and track gift, rewards, and loyalty accounts.
  • Consumer enthusiasm for geolocation-based marketing and promotional messages has surged 53% since 2010.
  • Retailers have made the most impressive gains year over year in mobile marketing compared to other industries, jumping 10 percentage points from 32% to 42% in the past year.

To learn more, click here: QR CODES: How Apple Passbook Changes the Merchant Equation--Best Practices for Mobile Marketing and Mobile Payments

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