Small business owners have traditionally exhibited high degrees of satisfaction with, and loyalty to, their primary bank. But adoption of online and mobile banking and rapid proliferation of credit options are changing how business owners think about their financial lives.

Nearly one-third of businesses have multiple banking relationships. And those tend to be the customers with the most financial products, deposits, and profit potential for FIs. Bankers looking to earn a greater share of the most profitable small business relationships must take a multifaceted approach to making the case to those business owners that consolidation at one institution makes sound financial and operational sense.

Join Javelin as we share important insights about:

  • What digital tools banks can offer to encourage greater engagement and satisfaction?
  • What it means to be a business owner’s “primary FI”
  • The true effect (and ideal role) of the small business relationship manager
  • The motivations behind bank switching and bank choice

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