Our Team


Chris Barnes

CPO/Managing Director

Consultants & Analysts

Jacob Jegher

President, Javelin Strategy & Research

Austin Kilgore

Director, Digital Lending

Chris Barnes

CPO/Managing Director

Emmett Higdon

Director, Digital Banking

Ewelina Salaga

Senior Analyst, Custom Research & Operations

Ginger Schmeltzer

Senior Adviser

Ian Benton

Senior Analyst, Digital Banking & Payments

James Lee

Analyst, Digital Banking

John Buzzard

Lead Fraud & Security Analyst

Krista Tedder

Director, Payments

Mark Schwanhausser

Director, Digital Banking

Mathieu Auger-Perreault

Director, Fraud & Security

Paul McCormack

Senior Adviser

Rachel Huber

Senior Analyst, Payments

Red Gillen

Senior Adviser

Tyler Brown

Research Analyst, Digital Banking

Vaskar Das

Director of Custom Research & Operations

Marketing & Client Service

Amy Gorin

Relationship Manager

Crystal Mendoza

Production Manager

James Quigley

Executive Relationship Manager

Sandy Park

Vice President of Business Development

Tejas Puranik

Marketing Manager

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