Outperform--The Insight to Win

How much would it be worth to you to know detailed information about your competitors and how you stack up against them in emerging capabilities such as advanced online banking features or the next generation of mobile banking?

Outperform can show you how to improve your competitive position, by comparing your customers' behaviors and attitudes against the competition.

  • Provide competitive comparison of retail financial institutions in your market to increase your financial performance.
  • Delivers insights and analytics to prioritize your business investment in emerging channels.
  • Measures market and competitor‐specific adoption, usage levels, and drivers of customer acquisition and loyalty.


With our robust sample size of up to 10,000, Outperform will provide insights into:

  • Adoption, Frequency, and Impact on Acquisition
  • Brand Strength of Relationship with Primary and Secondary Customers
  • Loyalty & Customer Satisfaction
  • Brand Performance compared to Competition
  • Share of Wallet
  • Vulnerability Index
    • Desire to switch to competitor
    • Actual switching behavior

Outperform has several different options to meet your needs. Checkout a sneak peek


Financial Institutions can Benefit from Outperform?

  • Determine why consumers are switching banks
  • Increase product adoption and identify opportunities to cross-sell products
  • Know where your top competitors are strong and where they are vulnerable
  • Increase customer acquisition and loyalty
  • Gain insights into what consumers care about and want
  • Reduce expenses


For more information on Outperform, contact us at sales@javelinstrategy.com