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Technology, social media and demographics factor directly into people’s decisions about where to shop and how to pay bills. To grasp their effects and project their future influence, Javelin’s analysts monitor and offer insights on:

2018 Payments Trends

Javelin Report
February 7, 2018 By: Rachel Huber
Over the past few years the payments landscape has experienced evolutionary change in an effort to adapt to growing demands from consumers, businesses, technology, and regulators. As we kick off 2018, Javelin’s Payments team has identified three key...
The financial services market is undergoing significant change to adapt to consumers’ mobile-first expectations. Much immediate effort in 2018 will focus on rolling out the Zelle person-to-person (P2P) network that some envision as the backbone of...

Understanding Fee-Based Premium Reward Cardholders

Javelin Report
December 20, 2017
In the early ages of the credit card industry, it was common for cardholders to pay a nominal annual fee as part of owning a credit card, similar to a membership fee. The annual fee was typically low and generally applied across all types of cards....

2017 P2P Market Sizing: Moving Into High Gear

Javelin Report
December 13, 2017 By: Rachel Huber
This report covers how the P2P payment market is evolving from one dominated by wire and money service branches to a digital one where mobile and online channels are the fastest-growing channels. It also covers how partnerships are fueling the...
The new “normal,” or constant, in the retail point-of-sale (POS) environment is that change is now part of everyday life for the physical store retailers and the financial institutions that serve them. The blurring divide between physical and...
The expansion of e-commerce retailing continues to grow unabated, accelerating with each new digital retailer born, every new expansion of physical delivery services, and the intensifying desire of consumers to shop when, where, and how they want. E...

Impact Note: PIN on Glass

Javelin Report
October 23, 2017
This paper highlights the potential opportunity and challenges the industry will face with the upcoming introduction of a radically new software solution for PIN entry. This solution has undergone a successful trial in the UK and Australia for the...
This whitepaper, sponsored by PSCU and independently produced by Javelin Strategy & Research discusses how the Internet of Things (IoT), connected payments from IoT devices, and new banking technologies, such as biometrics,  are impacting...
This report examines the business model of card issuers, specifically the difference between the prime/super-prime and subprime businesses, and how they are coming under an increasing level of pressure. It also reviews why secured and other starter...
This report first describes the differences between fast, faster, and real-time payments being proposed or currently available.

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